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VWX Yoga Zombies*

Am I the only one who, when they are at yoga and the instructor tells says to do chair pose and everyone in the room raises their arms straight out in front of them, thinks that it looks like you are in a room full of zombies?  Like this:

zombie yoga

For the record, this is not one of my yoga classes. I don’t think it would be very conducive to my practice to be taking photos while I’m supposed to be concentrating on melting my heart, rooting my feet and engaging my thymus. Also, it probably wouldn’t be too conducive to my camera to bring it into a 40 degree room and drip sweat all over it.  The photo is actually from the City of Edmonton’s Flickr photostream and it was posted with a Creative Commons license that allows me to remix/adapt the photo. Thus, I made the yogis into zombies and it’s totally legal, though the City of Edmonton does request, via the Creative Commons licence, that I attribute the photo to them but not in any way that suggests that they endorse my use of their photo to turn yogis into zombies. So consider yourself notified of such.

*Title is an homage to my friend Cath’s blog, VWXYNot, because when I originally wrote the title as “Yoga Zombies,” I noticed the YZ and, well, my brain immediately went to VWXYZ.  VWXYNot is, in turn, an homage to Douglas Adams. So it’s double homages all the way.


Shoe Ban Loophole #2

As you know, I have banned myself from buying shoes in 2010. And, as you also know, I have acquired only two pair of shoes during this time: one pair of running shoes (which were considered, right from the time I installed the ban, an exception because having properly functioning running shoes when training for a half marathon is an important health and safety issue – thus, they are, for the purposes of the shoe ban, safety gear, not shoes) and one pair that was given to me by a coworker (and thus made it through the first shoe ban loophole – I didn’t actually *buy* those shoes and the shoe ban was specifically worded around me *buying* the shoes).

Well, today I was faced with a conundrum. I went out to the Sally Ann Thrift store in search of some needed items for the making of my Hallowe’en costume.  And, the costume that I’m making requires platform shoes and the platform shoes that I currently possess in my shoe collection do not meet the technical specifications of my costume (I’d love to explain more, but I cannot give away the secret as to what my Hallowe’en costume will be. I will come back after Hallowe’en and update this posting to explain why my current platform heels are insufficient for said costume). So, I purchased this pair using the loophole that these are not shoes, they are components of my Hallowe’en costume. They are a pair of components for my Hallowe’en costume.  That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Day 124