Cheese and Herb Bread

I had to do a bunch of stuff around the house today – since I’ve decided to do my hot yoga in the mornings before work, I need to be uber organized! – so I decided that since I was going to be home for a chunk of the day (in between morning yoga and night time hockey game, that is), I should probably bake some bread. Because most of the “baking of bread” is actually just letting it rise. Honestly, it takes about 10 minutes of actual work, but then 1.5-2 hours of rising time and 0.5 hr of baking time, during which you don’t actually need to do anything other than be present so as not to let the house burn down. And this time, I decided to add some cheese and herbs1 to the mix.  So my place smelled like herbs as it baked. And it’s sooo tasty!  Omg, so tasty!  Good thing I’m doing all the yoga – need to burn off all the bread calories!

Here is my taste-tastic cheese and herb bread:

Cheese & herb bread

Looks pretty good, eh? The other side, however, not quite as pretty:

Cheese & herb bread

Turns out that I made the dough a little light and given that I was letting it rise on my stove, which is not perfectly even2, it sort of spilled over the one edge and started dripping down that side. I pushed it up as much as I could before I put it in the oven, but it dripped down again in the oven before the baking took. Tastes pretty damn good, though, so I’m not complaining!

In related news, one of my coworkers has offered to pay me to make lunches for her. I think there’s about a 50% chance that she’s kidding.

  1. specifically, rosemary and thyme []
  2. which totally drives me nuts when I’m cooking on my stovetop []