Yeah, I’m Still Talking About My Braces

So I ask for suggestions of what to blog about and this is what you readers come up with:

skribit idea

Dirty, dirty! Well, first of all, we’ve already established that I’m not supposed to chew on bones, nuts (and pencils). The instructions don’t, however, prohibit sucking on things. I’m just sayin’. You know, sucking on things like popsicles, lollipops, and, you know, um, stuff. Ahem.

Oh yeah, I can’t cut hockey tape with my teeth or bite my nails anymore. Those are probably good things though.

And speaking of braces, do you know how braces actually work? I realized the other day that I didn’t actually know. I mean, I knew that the braces put pressure on your teeth to move them, but when I thought about I thought, “how does that work, exactly?” So I consulted Dr. Google, DDS and it turns out that as the braces put pressure on your teeth, they press on bone into which the teeth are implanted and the prolonged pressure causes the bone to resorb. So then your teeth are loose – freaky! But then bone formation occurs on the opposite side to where the resorption occurred to tighten your tooth socket back up1. And then you have straight teeth. w00t!

  1. as a former bone scientist, I feel like I really should have known all of this []

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