I’m on to you, time thieves!


Clearly, someone is stealing time. A few days ago (or so it feels), I was jumping into the ocean for the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim and now it is somehow 28 days later. Since two weekends ago was my big birthdaystravaganza, I blocked last weekend off to stay at home1 for a combination of some relaxation and some getting a bunch of work done. Then somehow it was Sunday and I wasn’t relaxed and  I didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d planned. I did get the 7 reference letters I needed written mostly done, as well as doing some work on the course I’m teaching, but I didn’t read any of the bioethics papers I needed to read, nor watch the bioethics DVD, nor even start on the funding application I meant to have a solid draft of by the end of the weekend!  And now it’s somehow the next weekend and other than a few hours this morning during which I’m enjoying my coffee, some homemade French toast, not wearing any pants2, and writing this posting, this weekend is pretty jammed. I spent last night working on my course3, but the rest of the weekend is mostly full of awesome – walking the seawall with Jen and Lianna’s bday dinner today, then two hockey games tomorrow. Other than a couple of hours between seawall walking and pre-drinks at Lianna’s during which I can do a tiny bit of work, when the hell am I supposed to get my funding application started? What about getting my funding application drafted? And half marathon training? And cooking some food for the upcoming week? When am I supposed to do all these things?

The obvious conclusion, of course, is that someone out there is stealing time. I’m having vague recollections of a book I read in elementary school about some kid named Momo and some bankers that stole time and something to do with flowers4. Clearly this was actually a non-fiction book and not a novel as I was lead to believe. Alternate conclusions include that someone is speeding up time, so that I can’t get everything done in the amount of time that I think I can get it done or that I have multiple personality disorders and my other personalities are very productive and/or relaxed.  Hard to say, really.

And now it’s freaking noon and I have to get my butt in gear – I only have an hour to shower and pack my bag for today’s events. Where did my morning go?  See what I mean??

Image Credit: Posted by Heiko Klingele on Flickr.

  1. other than my weekly seawall walk with Jen and my hockey game []
  2. down with pants! cc: Dr. Dan, hater of pants []
  3. see here, but then also here []
  4. Ah – Wikipedia tells me I’m right. Except about the flowers things – no idea what that’s about []

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