Happy Birthday Lianna!

Today my friend Lianna turns the big 3-2! So last night a bunch of  us went out to celebrate!  We started – and ended, as it turned out – at The Charles Bar in the Woodwards Building. I’d never been there before and, in fact, the first time I’d heard of it was a few weeks ago when Miss604 went there for her birthday – my phone kept beeping as a bunch of people all checked-in on FourSquare there1. Now I have to say that the crowd there wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen – I mean, as much as I like getting hit on by a 19-year-old who was later kicked out for doing coke in the bathroom and all – but since we were there in a group of good peeps, we had a good time. What was amazing, however, was my dinner. I have just two words for you. Truffle fries. Holy, holy, holy, motherfucking holy shit those were good.  Truffle fries.

After we’d been there a while, we thought we’d head over to Canvas, the club I’d gone to on my birthday, but when we got there Lianna decided that the lineup was too long, so we just went back to the Charles. By that time the music was going and there was a little dance floor and that’s all we really needed. Well that and the pizza from Romano’s that we got before we headed back to Lianna’s place. Lianna had invited me to stay over so that I didn’t need to remain sober and drive back to my place2. This morning we went to IHOP for breakfast3 and then I headed home, where I am trying to rehydrate since I have TWO hockey games today. Lianna is off having birthday Pho! Also, Lianna took about a gazillion photos last night so once she posts them up on Facebook, I’ll steal some and post them here.

Happy birthday, L!

Also, Lianna is a kitchen and bathroom designer, so if you are ever looking for a designer, be sure to check out her website:


  1. speaking of which, the first time you check-in there, you get 20% off your entree. Go FourSquare! []
  2. a cab ride to her place in South Vancouver is much more reasonable than a cab ride to my place a million miles away in Surrey! []
  3. only the second time I’ve *ever* been to an IHOP – the first being an IHOP in Kelowna that I went to as part of a band of traveling scientists back in ’06. I am happy to report that the coffee at this IHOP, while not the best coffee I’ve ever had, was much better than the swill they served in Kelowna []

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