Executive Decision

Day 19So, I was planning to run the Vancouver BMO half marathon in May. But I’ve made the executive decision that I’m so not going to be ready to run a respectable half by May 1st, what with the lack of training due to subzero temps and torrential rainstorms.

Instead, I’ve convinced my friend Kim that we should run the Scotiabank half marathon, which happens a full two months later than the BMO, meaning that we get to essentially push to “restart” button on our training and thus, instead of missing my last three long runs, I don’t need to do them until several weeks from now. Go me!

The side bonus of this is that we can now run the 8 km at the Vancouver BMO marathon, which is the only 8 km race I know of where you get a finisher medal. Ostensibly, I’ve suggested the 8 km as Kim has never run in a race before so I think that she should get some race exposure before her first half marathon, but in truth it’s all about my desire for medals.

Kim’s husband may run the BMO half, as is Dr. Dan, so I figure Kim and I can run the 8km and then cheer on Lance & Dan as they run the half. And then we will laugh at them for running 21.1 km to get a medal that is virtually identical to the one we’ll have received much earleir for only running a measly 8 km. It’s called “efficiency.”

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  • Ugh. Paul and I are training for the BMO full marathon. Worst. Decision. Ever. We have to run 15 miles on Sat. And 7 miles tomorrow. This is craziness. But I’m trying to prevent my ass from looking like cottage cheese due to excessive thesis writing. The things we do to prevent cottage cheese ass.

    So really, like almost all the pain in my life, it comes back to the thesis. Stupid thesis.



  • Theses really are the bane of society. Bane, I say!

    And, if it’s any consolation, your plan to prevent thesis induced-cottage cheese ass is much better than what turned out to be my method of preventing thesis induced-cottage cheese ass (i.e., getting divorced and being unable to eat for months). Marathon – much better!

    At any rate, I’ll totally come and cheer for you & Paul in the full marathon! Do you have a goal time that you are aiming for?


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