A Power Outage and the International Day of Awesomeness

Day 262So I was sitting here eating my dinner, catching up on the emails I’d missed as I’d been out of the office all afternoon at a meeting, listening to the Canucks pre-game show on the radio and thinking about what I was going to blog tonight – when the power went out. At first, I thought I’d somehow tripped the circuit1, but I soon realized that (a) I hadn’t turned on anything new, so I can’t image that things that were all humming along just fine would suddenly blow a circuit and (b) *all* the lights in my place went out (and I know they aren’t *all* on the same circuit).

Now, I had a general idea of where my flashlight was, but in the complete pitch black, it was impossible to find  ((I am so not prepared for a natural disaster. Or a zombie apocalypse)). After several minutes of stumbling around in the dark looking for it, I gave up on that and felt my way back into the living room where I was able to find a lighter and some candles. Once I was no longer in the complete dark, I embarked on a search for my old CD walkman/radio – I figured since I couldn’t do either of the things I intended to do this evening (i.e., blog and mark assignments  (as I need the internets to do both of those things and no electricity means no wifi), I could at least listen to the game if only I knew where my battery-powered radio was!  That took a while too – plus, since I hadn’t used it in so long, it didn’t have a functioning battery in it and I had to locate one of those as well. Then I realized that my fridge was no longer on and keeping things cool, so clearly I needed to drink the wine before it got too warm2.

And then the power came back on and all was right with the world.

In other news, what I actually wanted to blog about tonight was not, in fact, the harrowing tale of the 45 minutes of electricity-less-ness, but rather about how today is the International Day of Awesomeness. Remember how earlier I said that I was catching up on emails? One of those emails was an email from Dr. Dan informing me that March 10th is the International Day of Awesomeness and, since I’m so awesome, it is critical that I know of this fact. Inexplicably, I did not know that today was the International Day of Awesomeness, but, as I replied to Dan, thank the FSM that I spent the day being awesome – as I always do – so I didn’t miss out on this awesome day of being awesome!

  1. Which happens around here more than I’d like as the wiring does not seem able to handle running certain things simultaneously – I can’t, for example, use the microwave and the toaster at the same time, nor a space heater and the dishwasher, nor use the hair dryer and any other electrical device whatsoever []
  2. Why won’t someone think of the poor innocent wine?? []

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