Random Photo-y Goodness

As I was looking at my photos yesterday, I realized that I had a bunch of screenshots and photos that I’ve been meaning to blog but never got around to. So today’s blog posting shall be a bunch of photo-y goodness.

Some of said images are of hilarious names that people give to their wireless networks, like “The I.T. Crowd”:


or “Broken Chicken Project”:


And of course this one1:

classy neighbours

Other good screen shots included:


Gotta love the blatant honesty of that one!

And thanks for this helpful direction, Google Maps:

152 St turns into 152 St

I would never have known where I was if you hadn’t told me that 152nd Streets turns into 152nd Street.

And who wouldn’t want to receive a message like this:


Sadly, the No Pants Skytrain Ride occurred at the same time as a hockey game this year, so I was unable to partake.

And this just sounds dirty:

Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 10.22.01 PM

Under the heading “Things I Can’t Believe People Would Google”:


Um, if they didn’t use the scientific method, they wouldn’t be scientists!

Moving on from screenshots to photos, my mom sent me this hand cream:


Look what it says on the back:

hand cream

Apply liberally as often as necessary? Isn’t it called “8 hour cream”? Shouldn’t that mean I only need to apply it once per every 8 hours?

I saw this in a store and couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it:


I pity the fool that doesn’t cook with Flavor Wave!

And I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this next one! It’s the shirt I had made for Dr. Dan for Christmas:


And finally, I saved the best for last: this drunk text I received over the Christmas holidays (with sender’s name redacted to protect her/him):

drunk text

  1. I still think that “Your mom is wireless” is the best one I’ve ever seen though []

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