So While I’m Breaking All My Blog Rules….

Yesterday I mentioned that there are two things I don’t blog about. Well, apparently breaking the first rule yesterday made the second rule lonely, because I feel the need to inform the interwebs that Dr. Beth, after a brief sojourn, is back on the market! That’s right folks. It’s the news you have been waiting for! Are you made of awesome and have been silently pining away for me? Now is your chance!

A limited time offer! Act now while supplies last!

12 Replies to “So While I’m Breaking All My Blog Rules….”

  1. @Dan – I thought you would like it. Mostly because you said you would like it before I even wrote it.

    @Rick – Agreed. A nice man for each of us, but definitely not the same one. That would just be problematic.

  2. *Slicks back hair, wets his eyebrows and presses them into shape, applies Old Spice liberally and gets a back hair wax*

    “Hi! My name is Roshan, how do you like me so far”

  3. I’d be curious to see a list of requirements, in case I know anybody who might qualify.

    Mind you, if “made of awesome” is a requirement, I don’t think I can help. Most of my friends are “made of mediocre”.

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