Just a quick posting tonight, because I’m in Edmonton, which is one hour in the future compared to Vancouver and thus, it’s one hour closer to bedtime! I have an early morning tomorrow – breakfast at 7:30 a.m., workshop starts at 8 a.m. – and I need to get a good night’s sleep so I’m all ready to absorb the new ideas and meet all the cool new people!

My impressions of Edmonton so far:

  • It’s very flat here. And it reminds me of Fredericton for some reason1.
  • There were hotties in my hotel lobby. And hotties on the street. And they were all very smiley!
  • Had dinner at the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen. Delicious!
The hotel I’m staying in is pretty nice, though it doesn’t have a hot tub. I don’t understand the point of building a hotel without a hot tub. It should be against the law, really.
Also, when I was checking out the room when I first got here, I noticed the “Refreshment Centre” menu. I like to check that sort of stuff out – not because I intend to drink anything from the mini-bar – I’m way too cheap for that! – but because I like to see how insane the prices are. But something different caught my eye on this one:

Refreshment Centre Menu

Look near the bottom on the right hand side. Condom tin – $7!

This, of course, lead to me wonder how many condoms were in said tin. So, of course, I looked through the basket of chocolate bars, golf tees, and other “refreshments” until I found the tin. And I think it gave me my answer:

the condom tin

That’s one hellava expensive condom! That better be some damn fine sex, is all I can say.

Also, the plant in my room is rather phallic:

This plant is phallic

  1. Probably the river and the bridges over said river []

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