Knocking Two More Off the 101 List

Making a list and checking it twiceAs with everything I do, I appear to be quite motivated by my rapidly approaching deadline for my my 101 things to do in 1001 days list. I apologize in advance that this week might be a little heavy on me blogging about such things. In today’s blog posting, I will talk about knocking *two* things off my list, so you should probably thank me for combining them instead of making them two separate blog postings. You’re welcome.

First up, #14: write something creative (e.g., a story, a script or a poem).

Dr. Dan sent me an email today reminding me that I’d written a dissertation haiku, and thus had already completed item #14. Then I reminded him that, in fact, he had written my dissertation haiku, because I suck at haiku1. But *then* I remembered that when Paul interviewed me about the Longest Game for Cystic Fibrosis for his blog, he made me write a haiku to pimp my blog. So it turns out I *have* knocked item #14 off my list! Booyah!

And, just now, I wrote this haiku:

I suck at haiku. Yes, I
really, really do.
I suck at haiku. I do.

So, yeah, I pretty much killed #14.

Second, #27: write a computer program.

When I wrote my panicked 101 list update posting, Demonweed suggested that I could do a simple:

10 PRINT “Hello world.”
20 GOTO 10

which would constitute a simple program in BASIC. I sort of dismissed the idea because when I initially wrote my list, I wanted to actually learn something about computer programming. But again, in an email exchange with Dr. Dan today2, he pointed out that I didn’t actually specify on the 101 list that it needed to be more than a 2 line program and that’s there’s nothing wrong with baby steps and I could put the writing of a more substantial computer program onto my next 101 list. How could I argue with such sound logic? I couldn’t. And thus I decided to go for it! Of course, upon deciding to go for it, I realized that I had no idea where, exactly, I would type something like the above to make it actually go. Which, of course, required another email to Dr. Dan. And Dr. Dan introduced me to R. So I have now downloaded R and “written” a computer program, which much assistance, that calculates an average and does a few other neat tricks. But I put it into R and it did stuff and I’m checking #27 off my list. W00t!

Image Credit: Posted by Kyle Steede on Flickr.

  1. Krista Lee also commented in my recent panicked 101 list update that I could write a haiku, but I sort of dismissed the thought given my sucking at writing haikus. []
  2. You can see that Dr. Dan and I have very deep and significant discussions over email. []

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