Shiny New Blue Ball

A while ago, I bought a Groupon for the Running Room – $50 worth of stuff for only $25. I figured it was a pretty good deal, given that I often buy stuff at the Running Room and I assumed that I’d run two half marathons this year and thus would, at the very least, need a new pair of running shoes. Of course, I decided to set a world record in hockey instead of running a second half marathon this year and thus, still don’t need a new pair of running shoes. But my Groupon was set to expire on October 30, so I found myself in the Running Room on Friday trying to decide what to spend my $50 on. As I mentioned, I don’t need any new running shoes, nor do I really need any new running clothes or other running paraphernalia. And then I saw the Acuball.

acuball Me and my new acuball.

I remembered a blog posting that Dan wrote a while ago about his shiny new blue balls. And I remembered that he loved said shiny new blue balls. And after a quick few texts messages with Dan, I decided that I needed to be the owner of my very own shiny blue ball.

By now I’m sure you are wondering what the heck this thing does. Well, the idea behind it is that you use the nubs on the blue ball to put pressure on tight muscles and, by holding that for a few minutes, the muscles will release. So I spent some time yesterday playing around with it and I have to say, it was totally worth the money. Especially since I was using my Groupon, so it was half price.

Also, since my Groupon was worth $50, but the acuball only cost $30, I bought an entire box of Sharkies! Mmmm, delicious Sharkies!

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