Delicious Sharkies

In addition to PowerGels, I’ve now added Sharkies – fruit chew thingys that are shaped like sharks – to my half marathon training regimen. Like PowerGels, Sharkies are meant to replace electrolytes and provide carbs for when you do crazy thinks like run for hours or play hockey for days. Unlike PowerGels, Sharkies are delicious, organic, and you get to hum the Jaws music when you eat them1.

But when I was out for my 16 km run on Monday and I was eating a delicious Sharkie2, it occurred to me how awesome it is that I’m devouring Sharkies while my Canucks are facing the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference final! So I took this picture:

Day 331

Me, devouring a Sharkie, just like the Canucks devoured San Jose in last night’s game!

  1. For the record, I have no affiliation with the Sharkies people. I just realized that I totally sound like I’m shilling for them! Which I’m not. If the Sharkies people see this and want to send me copious amounts of Sharkies for free, I would not turn them down, however. Hint, hint. []
  2. And yes, for the record, I totally hum the Jaws music when I eat a Sharkie out in public too []

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