Random Photos

So I’ve got a few photos that I’ve taken recently thinking, “I need to blog that.” And then I haven’t. Backlog of photos to blog + not much time to blog = this blog posting.

First up, a Christmas tree ornament I got from my Secret Santa.

Day 170

And I’d been wanting more ornaments for my tree!

The other day on the way to a meeting I noticed that Zaphod’s1 odometer was approaching 33,333 km. And I totally meant to get a photo. And then I totally forgot about it after I got out of my meeting and missed getting the photo. I got this less cool photo instead:


I mean, 33344 is neat and all, but it’s cold comfort when I know how close I was to 33333.

Yesterday was our holiday luncheon at work. We got food from Green Lettuce, a Chinese-Indian fusion restaurant2, which came with fortune cookies.  My fortune was pretty lame:

Day 171

Until I remembered to apply the fortune cookie “in bed”  rule.  Then it’s kind of awesome.

And finally, I made a chocolate amaretto cheesecake for another work holiday party that I’m going to tomorrow night. I’m planning to blog about said cheesecake at some point and took a bunch of photos for that purpose.  Here’s the best of the photos:

Day 172

I bake so that I can lick the spoon. In bed.  See! It does make every sentence better!

  1. Zaphod = my car []
  2. plus some Greek and some samosas. Mmm, samosas []

2 Replies to “Random Photos”

  1. ZOMG, how could I have written a fortune cookie post this week and forgotten the “in bed” rule?!

    Best ever, just after I’d told a bunch of people about the rule for the first time, was when theirs all made sense and were hilarious, and mine said I would soon have lots of interactions with small children.

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