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All My -iversaries

While I’ve been busy with this whole being-way-too-busy life I’ve got going on right now, I appear to have missed both my cariversary and my workiversary! Hard to believe that my baby car is three years old! She’ll be in kindergarten before I know it!

Equally hard to believe is that I’ve been at my job for three years! I have to say that I’m still loving my job. In addition to my AWESOME grant, I’ve got a couple of other grant applications in various stages of admission and a couple of publications in the works. I’ve just started working on some really cool new projects – and I even have an amazing Master’s student working for me this summer – with another student potentially coming down the pike1!

Gosh, looking at that – in combination with this – and I can really see why I’m forgetful about such things as -iversaries and why I’m falling asleep at my keyboard at 10 pm. Methinks it’s time to hit the hay! G’night!

Update: I also missed my fifth half marathon-iversary! Five years ago I ran my first ever half marathon! And now I’ve run 6 of them, with #7 on the way! w00t!

  1. I may or may not be trying to build an empire. []

5 Responses to All My -iversaries

  1. Uncle Hack says:


    Just because you are a PHD does not allow you to make up new words. I also think, it’s not really a car if Thomas if can play with it in the backyard.


  2. Beth says:

    Having a PhD totally gives the PhD-holder the right to make up new words. It’s called the wordmakeupery rule.

  3. uncle hack says:


    Just checked with the folks over at PHD’s ‘RUS and they say that you may only make up new made up words, on the second Thursday of any month ending in y. Henceforth unless you can somehow manage to change the spelling of June, all words made up by you in this month, cannot be made up until a month ending in y. Sorry I don’t make up the rules (Eggheads with PHDs do) I just enforce them. A retraction of said made up words, will need to be done hence-with. Your cooperation in this matter is mandatory or You may have the P of your PHD suspended until a month ending in y. (it would look silly HD at the end of your name, someone might mistake you for a TV.).


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