She May Not Have a Name, But at Least She Has a Home

While my new iPhone remains, as of yet, nameless, she is now safely nestled in a cozy new case1.

I had a gift card from Best Buy, so I figured that my need of an iPhone case was a good opportunity to use that. There were a fair number of cases available, but the vast majority of them were pink and purple. Ugh. I wanted to get either an awesome blue or red one, but they only had a shade of blue I didn’t particularly like and nothing at all in red. In the end, I settled on a two-for-the-price-of-one pack – one white case, one black.

iPhone cases Nameless iPhone in her daytime attire.

iPhone casesNameless iPhone all set for the evening in her little black number.

I also picked up an armband case to use to strap my iPhone to my arm while running, as I use my iPhone as a MP3 player/GPS run tracker/zombies-are-chasing-you motivator when I run.

iPhone arm bandNameless iPhone, ready to hit the pavement.

And while I was in a protecting-my-electronics mood, I decided to also pick up a case for my kobo 2. I got myself this shiny red number:

Kobo caseMy kobo, for some reason, likes to keep Hitch-22 as the cover when it’s powered off. Despite the fact that I’m actually reading World War Z at the moment.

Oddly, the package for this e-reader case indicated that it was an e-reader case “for her”:

Werx for her

What exactly makes a red envelope-looking case “for her” – I have no idea. The other e-reader case like this one was black, and was also called “for her.” There were no e-reader cases “for him.” Apparently, men don’t read.

This, of course, made me think of Ellen’s bit on the ridiculous “Bic Pens for Her”:

  1. Which decreases my paranoia about dropping her. And thus probably my likelihood of actually dropping her, since I’m more clumsy when paranoid! []
  2. For the record, my kobo’s name is Luna, after Luna Lovegood []

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