Too Many Stockings, Not Enough Ornaments

So I *finally* got my marking done, which meant I was allowed1 to put up my Christmas tree! I actually finished my marking earlier this week, but I was in Vancouver for two days of meetings yesterday and today, so I had sleepovers at friends’ places in Vancouver on Wednesday & Thursday nights so I wouldn’t have to drive in from the ‘burbs in rush hour (and in a blizzard!)2 and thus was not home to put up my tree.

When I bought my Christmas tree last year, I was living in a teeny tiny Vancouver apartment, so having a skinny tree was perfect as I didn’t have room for anything bigger. But now that I have a living room the size of a European nation, it looks kinda small:

My Christmas tree is too small. Or my living room is too big.

So I took this other photo and cropped it, so it doesn’t look quite so tiny:

My Christmas Tree

But in real life – yeah, it’s way small. Also, I don’t have nearly enough ornaments. I have an idea of one that I’m going to make, but I’ll have to check out some stores to see if there are other ones that I like that I can add to my collection.

Unlike Christmas tree ornaments, however, I seem to have too many stockings. I am just one woman, yet I seem to have three Christmas stockings:

The stockings were hung on the bookshelf with care

The stockings were hung on the book case with care.

Now I just need Santa to leave some hotties under my Christmas tree, and I’ll be set!

  1. where by “allowed” I mean, I allowed myself to put it up. It was my reward to motivate me to finish my marking. []
  2. thanks Lianna & Alicia!! []

4 Replies to “Too Many Stockings, Not Enough Ornaments”

  1. We have at least three huge tubs of Christmas tree ornaments. We would have to have a large tree in every room in order to use them all. And, I’m not even putting the Christmas tree out until mid-Dec., since we’re not doing Christmas until the end of Jan. But your tree still looks nice!

  2. Beth’s livingroom, aka Liechtenstein. LOL

    OBVIOUSLY one of those stockings is for me… I’ll give you some hints: it’s not the *blech* Canucks one and it’s not the one with the pretty dolly.

  3. @Stacia – Since I’m leaving for the holidays, I put my tree up early so I’d have time to enjoy it. I’m sure I used to have waaay more ornaments, but they must have gotten tossed during one of my moves because I can’t find them. Fortunately, all the ornaments I really care about are still here.

    @Kalev – Funny how the one you want just happens to also be the largest one! 🙂

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