Tough to Come Back, Eh? (The Answer May Surprise You!)

After three weeks vacation, the inevitable refrain from many colleagues upon my return was, “Tough to come back, eh?” But the thing is, every time someone said that, I thought, “Not really.”

Now, don’t get me wrong – I had a super fantastic vacation and am already dreaming up ideas for my next trip. But at the same time, I’m not devastated to be back. I love Vancouver – it’s so gorgeous here and there’s tonnes of things to do – not to mention all my friends are here and I miss them when I’m away1. And I know this might sound heretical, but I actually love my job. I’m working on all kinds of interesting projects, I have really nice co-workers, and my new commute rocks2. And I’m even excited for the courses that I’ll be taking this semester3.

Prior to my vacation, I was definitely burnt out – non-stop work and school for such an extended period of time is not a good idea. So while I still liked my job and most of my courses, I was running on empty. But now that I’ve had three weeks to disconnect from work and school, my batteries are re-charged and I’m feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to get back at ‘er. There really is something to this whole work-life balance thing.

  1. And my frogs! []
  2. And now I’m looking into buying a rack and pannier for my bike, so I can bike to work, making my commute even more awesome []
  3. Especially since (a) there are no accounting courses in the mix, and (b) I’ve devised a course schedule that will allow me to finish the MBA in December, instead of next May! I think that will require a whole blog posting – once I get through all the vacation blog postings. Which require that I get through uploading all the vacation photos to Flickr and labelling them! []

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