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So speaking of goals, when I was looking at my list of 2013 goals for that last blog posting, it reminded me that I’m a wee bit behind on my goal of publishing 213 blog postings in 2013. And by “wee bit”, I mean 65 blog postings. And there are only 16 days left in 2013. For the less mathematically inclined, it would require an average of 4.06 blog postings per day between now and New Year’s Eve for me to achieve that goal. Do you think I can do it1? And, more importantly, do you think I can do it without completely phoning it in on any blog postings (i.e., at least having some reasonable amount of coherent content in each posting)? And, most importantly of all, do you think I can do it without annoying the hell out of my readers so much that they all unsubscribe to me? Only time will tell.

Also, with the publishing of this posting, I now only need to publish 64 more postings. Huzzah!

  1. I usually do a flurry of end-of-the-year blog postings, with recaps and goal check ins, and next year’s goals, and early warnings that my birthday is approaching. But will all that be enough []

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