I seem to have been drinking a lot of wine since I arrived here in the Big Smoke1. I suppose to be more clear, I should really say that I’ve had a lot of different wines, rather than a large volume2. And by “a lot”, I mean four. My family had been out to Prince Edward County in the summer and picked up some wine at Huff Estates, three bottles of which we have opened on three different nights this week. We tried their rosé, their pinot gris, and their riesling off dry. They were all great, but the latter was my favourite. And then last night when I was out, Jen and I shared a Fat Banker Cab Merlot. Because we were in the financial district and “Fat Banker” is an hilarious name for a winery. It was actually pretty good.

So, yeah, to me that’s a lot of wine – and we haven’t even touch the Dirty Laundry wine I brought from BC!

Image Credit: Posted by Uncalno Tekno on Flickr.

  1. I have no idea why I find that nickname so funny, but I do. []
  2. Because I am the world’s cheapest drunk and volume is not necessary for me! []

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