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  • #27 – Guest Posting: Stuff Gay Books Taught Me

    And now a guest posting by Kalev, my Overseer of Deb0rking and Tsar of the Nerdery!  Which is brilliantly written (as Kalev’s stuff always is), the likes of which have no been seen since the last guest posting I posted today. I figured it was time to give you some good writing, since you’ve been […]

  • #25 – And More Cloned Cats!

    Speaking of clone cats, this is my sister’s old cat, Rhino: And this is Tod’s cat, Taiko: I’m pretty sure they were separated at birth! Don’t forget to donate! Read about the charity that I’m supporting, Options for Sexual Health!

  • #24 – Attack of the Clone Cats

    So, remember how my my couch cloned a pen and then my office cloned a highlighter?  Well it seems that the cloning has now moved onto the next stage: living creatures. There’s this adorable little orange kitty that lives in my neighbourhood and who will run right up to you if she’s around when you […]

  • #23 – Guest Posting: Stuff Books Taught Me – War is Hell

    Here’s a guest posting from the lovely Sarah, my Resident Historian and Chief Political Correspondent. Stuff Books Taught Me – War is Hell That title is a bit sensationalistic, and not entirely accurate. But I’m going to be writing about the first book that haunted me, that made me bawl, that really stimulated my interest […]

  • #22 – All My Stuffed Animals

    This is one of the those postings that have been floating around in my head for ages. I even took the photos for it back in December, and have been adding stuff to it here and there, but I haven’t gotten around to putting the whole posting together. Until now.  (And yes, it is a […]

  • #21 – Nail Polish

    So, whenever I have to write for long periods of time, I always make sure to put on nail polish. Usually in some crazy colour.  Turquoise. Bright shiny red. Metallic purple.  Because, believe it or not, I actually find it entertaining to look down when I’m typing and see colourful nails.  Wow, when I type […]

  • #19 – Population Health & the BC Paraplegic Association

    And speaking of health, I’ve been meaning to share a few videos with you that I saw at a conference recently. First, a video on Population Health.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to embed it1, so you have to go here to see it.  It’s nice to see that people are really starting to appreciate the […]

  • #15 – Where I Am Right Now

    So I just saw a tweet from saying that if you post a pic of the place you are blogging before 1 p.m. on their Flickr, you will have a chance to win a $5 sponsorship for your charity from them. And seeing as I haven’t got a single donation pledge since the start […]

  • #14 – A List of My Go-To Meals

    Well, it looks like I’m on a roll with the food topics!  Here’s a list of my go-to meals – those meals I make all the time and can make pretty much with my eyes closed1: Egg McMaster whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato sauce vegetarian chili – which is basically just my homemade tomato […]

  • #13 – ZOMG, Sarah, we HAVE to try this!

    So, I was searching Flickr for a photo to go with my last posting and when I typed in “101 in 1001” under the Creative Commons-licensed photo search, this was the first hit: A friggin’ Dark & Stormy cupcake!! Apparently Lauren, a.k.a. cuttlefish, had on her 101 in 1001 days list: invent a bitchin’ cupcake […]