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  • #39 – Guest Posting: Adventures in Beth-Friending, volume 2

    And now part 2 of this guest posting extravaganza by Sarah!  Again, with my comments added in [square brackets] and in italics. So, volume 2. Dave has retired for the night. He says: “Tell everyone that I am lame and am going to bed. Unlike Beth, who rocks.” I cannot guarantee that the content of […]

  • #36 – My Earliest Book Memory

    So, my guest posters have been *much* better than I have with the whole “Stuff Books Taught Me” theme.  And they’ve written these beautiful, touching, insightful masterpieces.  And me, not so much.  But they have inspired me to talk about the first book I remember: Donkey Daniel in Bethlehem. It’s a book about the Christian […]

  • #35 – Guest Posting: Just Call Me Osama bin Librarian

    Who better to write a guest posting with my theme of “Stuff Books Taught Me” than a librarian? This guest posting was written by the lovely librarian, Rebecca, of  Larocque and Roll. Last summer, four librarians from Nigeria, Cuba and Iran were denied visas to go to the IFLA [1] conference in Montreal.  While I’m […]

  • #34 – All The Books I Currently Have Out of The Library

    It’s time for… a list!  Who doesn’t love lists?  Hitler, that’s who.  Everyone else loves lists.  And now I give you one.  It’s the list of all the books I currently have out of the library.  Correction: the libraries. Because I have some books out of the VPL and some out of UBC library. Books […]

  • #33 – At Workspace!

    Decided to go for a change of scenery, so Tod and I are now at Workspace, where a slew of other bloggers are Blogathoning!  I’d post a pic but it’s time to post, so this is just going to have to be the shortest blog post of the day! What’s Workspace, you ask?  It’s this: […]

  • #32 – Response to Dan’s Guest Posting

    So, as I was reading Dan’s guest posting when he sent it to me, I kept saying things in response. Like, outloud. Like, as if Dan were here.  So I figure that will make as good a posting as any right now!  His words in <blockquotes>, my responses beneath. pants wearing spider Pretty much the […]

  • #31 – Guest Posting: My Earliest Book-perience(TM)

    A guest posting from my Official Statisitian and Tattoo Consultant Holy crapshite! I almost forgot to write my blog entry! I’m horrible. But then again, I remembered so maybe I’m not so horrible after all. I blame my PhD, and my Post Doc, and a slew of other academic pursuits for my memory lapse. I […]

  • #30 – These Are A Few of My Favourite Tweets

    Taking the screenshot of my tweet for my last posting reminded me that I totally need to share with you my favourite tweets! And the favouriting of my own tweets isn’t quite as narcissistic as it looks.  I mostly do it to make particular tweets of mine easier to find when I want to go […]

  • #28 – Resume of da futur

    This posting is an idea that’s been floating around in my head for ages after a conversation that I had with my friend and running partner from my first half marathon, Kelly, on one of her subsequent visits to Vancouver. Perhaps this is a sign that I am now officially an old fogey, but I just […]