Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets to support my hockey team. Our raffle and pub night fundraisers netted us over $2000! Which will cover about $150 for each of us on our $725 trip to play at a tournament in Vegas! Sweet!

Unfortunately for anyone that knows me, the top three prizes (beer, Canucks tickets and hard liquor) went to people that bought tickets from someone other than me. But Dave, you are the lucky winner of one of the door prizes – a big umbrella1. A big umbrella which I accidentally left in my co-op car last night on my way home from hockey. My bad! I owe you a big umbrella. If you and Sarah come to visit me, I promise to pay up2!

For next year’s fundraiser, I’m going to try harder to convince my teammates to make a “girls of hockey” calendar. I already have had someone volunteer their photography services…although this may just be because he wants to get into a girl’s locker room =)

1It may not seem like a very good prize in Ottawa in the winter, but in Vancouver, that’s a pretty sweet prize.
2Unless you are dying for your umbrella, in which case let me know and I’ll mail you either a big umbrella or its approximate retail value.

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