I’ve got the bark

Well, it could be worse. I could have pneumonia; I hear that’s going around. Although my doctor assures me that pneumonia is not the kind of thing that “goes around” and that what people call “walking pneumonia” isn’t really pneumonia.

Instead, I have bronchitis. I’ve been sick since New Year’s. It started like a flu – fever, chills, all over body aches – but after day or so, it turned into been more like a cold – sore throat and stuffed up-ness and tiredness and coughing. And coughing. And did I mention the coughing? My ribs hurt from all the coughing. So, since it’s been three weeks and the coughing isn’t getting any better, I decided to go see my doctor. Who turned out to be an hour behind schedule, thanks to some med students slowing things down and some randoms who showed up without an appointment1. And, of course, by the time I saw the doctor, my cough had settled down quite nicely. Making me look like a big whiner who isn’t really sick. But she listened to my lungs and told me that I have bronchitis in the right one. Lucky me.  And she gave me a ‘script and sent me on my way.  And the moment that I’m out the door, my cough is back in full force.  By the time I reached the pharmacy, downstairs from the doctor’s office, I sound yet again like I am hacking up a lung.  The pharmacist hears my cough and says, “Ah, you have the bark.”

So, anyway.  At least I don’t have pneumonia.  But it means I definitely won’t be going skiing again tomorrow.  In fact, I’m not even feeling well enough to go into work – I think I need to rest and let my meds kick in.  =(

1I didn’t think that you could just show up and actually get seen by the doctor, but apparently you can and those of us who actually made an appointment can sit around and wait for a freaking hour.

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