Run, Bethie, Run

I went for my first post-concussion run today.  It was good – I decided to go for a moderately paced 6 km run along the waterfront in Coal Harbour – which was freaking packed with people, what with it being all sunny and warm out and there being an open house at the newly expanded Vancouver Convention Centre.  So a good deal of my run was spent avoiding collisions with slow walkers and people with baby carriages. At one point I nearly ran into what looked to be either Daniel or Henrick Sedin, or possibly their long lost triplet.

Also, it was my first run in my new running shoes!  I realized after my 16 km training run two weeks ago that it was high time for some new running shoes. I’d had the ones I’ve been using for more than a year – including two 10 km races and 12 weeks of training for a half marathon – and after that 16 km run, my feet weren’t too happy.  So it was off to the Running Room!  The last time I bought running shoes, I went with Asics Nimbus 9.  I was pretty happy with them, so decided to go with the Asics Nimbus 10:

IMG_4622 by you.

Notice that they are white and red. So they go with my beautiful blog theme.  For the record, that is totally a coincidence.

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