Happy Birthday, Kalev

IMG_3694 by you.Today is Kalev’s birthday.  You might remember him from such as adventures as my half-birthday free Slurpee advernutre and the fixing of my b0rked blog.

Kalev, aside from being one of my closest friends, is also the man behind the scenes of NTBTWK who keeps it running when things get beyond my skills set. You know, like if turning my computer off and then on again can’t fix it.  Kalev installed WordPress for me, he figured out why my blog sometimes disappears and how to make it reappear and he did a whole bunch of magic when some vile hacker b0rked it.

So, for his birthday, I decided that Kalev really needed a title on my blog.  Actually, I decided that he needed a title quite a while ago, but could never come up with something good. So, for his birthday I decided that I would come up with a title.  And I called in reinforcements.  I emailed the other titled members of my blog, the Official Statistician & Tattoo Consultant and the Resident Historian and Chief Political Correspondent, the latter of whom then called in Titleless Dave as a consultant.  And this is what we came up with:

Overseer of Deb0rking and Keeper of the Nerdery

So, Kalev, happy birthday and I hope you enjoy your present1 – this title on my blog!

1Don’t worry, I also got you stuff.

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