Zaphod Has A Boo-Boo

So it turns out that my car isn’t leaking windshield washer fluid like I though it was; rather, the rear window appears not to have been sealed properly, so rain water has leaked inside the piece of the car surrounding the window (what the hell would you call that piece?) and when you flip up the window (as you do to open the trunk), the water all runs up that piece-that-I-don’t-know-the-name-of and leaks out1. I found this out because Mercedes2 has a mobile fix-it guy who will come to your home or office to check out if he can fix your car – if he can fix it on the spot, great, and if not, then he calls the dealership to let them know they need to order parts/book an appointment with you. And he checked out Zapod, determined what was happening but knew that he couldn’t fix it on the spot, but got me an appointment to bring her in to the dealership after work on Monday. He seems to think that they will need to repalce the whole window+ surrounding piece.  Anyway, it basically means I have to take Zaphod in to the car hospital for surgery and they will give me a loaner car to drive around until it’s fixed. It’s supposed to be sunny all week – maybe they’ll give me a convertible!

1I realize that this makes no sense, but I have no idea how else to explain it.
2Smarts are made by Mercedes.

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