I Need A Cleaning Person!

And while I’m making requests, does anyone know of a good cleaning service (or independent cleaner) who will clean my place for a reasonable price?

Hector Mark mops up by icyjumbo.I’ve asked this once before and found an awesome cleaner via Nancy Zimmerman, but unfortunately he only works weekdays and I’m not home during the day Monday to Friday1 and thus need a cleaner who can work on an evening or weekend2.  Since getting a recommendation for a cleaner worked well last time, I’m hoping someone out there knows a good cleaner who I could call!

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  1. my old job was only 4 days a week, so I always had a day a week that I could be home []
  2. The way my basement apartment is set up, there is access between my place and my landlords’ place, so even if I trust a cleaner enough to give them keys to get into my place, it wouldn’t be appropriate to do that as it would mean opening up my landlords’ place to them as well []

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  • If you find good cleaners (possible via recommendation, but you must be careful and check references), you need not be home while they work. I actually specifically leave the house when our cleaner is here so she can do her job better, and it forces me to get out when I otherwise might laze around.


  • Unfortunately, that's not an option for me. There's no lock between my place and my landlords' place so even if I'm comfortable enough to leave someone in my place alone, I'd be opening up my landlords' place to someone they don't know, which really wouldn't go over too well! Fortunately, a girl I know through playing softball two summers ago saw this posting on Facebook and she cleans on evenings/weekends. FSM bless Facebook!


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