Good Idea or Crazy?

I’m thinking of doing a 30-day hot yoga challenge. It involves doing a hot yoga class every day for 30 days, starting on Feb 6. It would basically mean putting all social activities on hold for a month, as I’d be doing a yoga class every night after work, plus a Saturday morning and a Sunday class that I’d pick depending on what time my hockey game is. On the plus side, it would be a great way to kick start being more active, which I’ve been lousy at lately. So, what do you think – good idea or crazy?

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  1. A little bit crazy for you; but it would be absolute hell for me. I don't enjoy yoga, and hot yoga makes me so yarfy I can barely walk. I cannot think of a challenge I'd like to do LESS! 🙂

    It's also during the Olympics in your home city. Will that not make EVERYTHING take longer? And since you have tickets for events, would that eat into it?

    1. The yoga studio is ~5 minutes from my place and not near any venues, so I don't imagine I'll have any traffic or parking issues. And for two days I have Olympic tickets (my Paralympics ones are after this challenge ends) are Saturdays, so I can just go to a morning class on those days.

      I enjoy yoga – and I love to sweat – so hopefully this will be a good thing.

  2. Have you done much hot yoga before? If not, then don't commit yourself to a month — others tell me it can be pretty brutal.

    1. I've done it a few times and I'm doing a few sessions this week to see if I think I'll be up to it. If I decide to do it, I'll listen to my body and even if I can't do all 30, doing some will still be good for me!

  3. Do it! I think ours starts on the 7th of Feb. I have to double check. Regardless, we'll totally be hot yoga sweat buddies. Plus, misery is supposed to love company. Not that I think this is going to be misery. I'm actually very much looking forward to it.

  4. I completely misunderstood your article at the beginning. I saw "30 day hot yoga challenge", which does sound challenging.

    But when I read the rest, I realized that you were actually going to be eating, sleeping, and frankly not doing yoga for 23 hours every day for a month.

    That doesn't sound so challenging anymore, does it?



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