This Week

I’m tired just thinking about this week.  This afternoon I’m taking a ferry to Victoria for an all-day Stats Canada workshop I’m going to tomorrow.  Then I return to the mainland on Tuesday evening and first thing Wednesday morning, I drive to Hope for a full-day of stuff there.  Then Thursday I have to go to Langley for a meeting.  OK, so Langley doesn’t seem that far after Victoria and Hope, but I think by that point even the drive to Langley is going to seem like too much!

Because of all this travel, I’m not expecting my blog postings will be particularly enthralling this week.  I know, I know, you come here for all the well-thought out, thoroughly-researched, intensely fact-checked, Pulitzer-prize winning essays I’m pumping out.  But you’ll just have to make do.  Here’s a preview of what I expect to post this week.

Tuesday – “Look at me, I’m on the ferry!”

Wednesday – “I am in the middle of nowhere.” (Also, probably an obligatory joke about people being “from beyond Hope.”)

Thursday – “So. Tired.”

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