I was in a meeting today and one of the people was talking about the services provided by the organization they work for and when they mentioned a volunteer component and it hit me – I haven’t done any volunteering in a long, long time.  Back in the day I used to be a candy striper at the local hospital.  During my time as university I volunteered for a variety of things – with the Student Alumni Association at Mac, at the Student Wellness Centre at Guelph, doing science outreach at both Guelph and UBC, training school teachers on a health promotion curriculum with the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The most challenging volunteer work I’ve done was as a victim services volunteer with my local police when I was in my last year at Mac.  But since I left university (and thus, stopped volunteering regularly in science outreach), I haven’t really done any volunteering. I guess I got busy with looking for a job, and then I was busy with having too many jobs, and then I got the new job… and somehow three years have gone by.

Anyway, I guess I should start looking around to see what sorts of volunteer opportunities there are. Because now that I’ve realized it’s been so long since I last did volunteer work, I realize that I miss it!

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  • Volunteering is what I most look forward to doing when I stop working for pay (whenever that fabled day may be) – lots and lots of it. I have stopped the work I used to do with the MTP, but I am back doing a bunch of stuff with our parish and I look forward to doing more as Teddy grows. So.much.fun! What are you thinking of doing? Something with hockey, maybe?


    • I would *love* to do something with hockey. In fact, coaching a hockey team is one of the things on my 101 list (though I really don't think that I know enough to coach hockey… but maybe help out a coach?). I'll have to look into what my options are.


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