Fun With Screenshots

Short on ideas about what to write a blog posting about?  Just start typing something into Google – the auto-complete will usually give you some nice gems to blog about.  Like this one, which I originally typed in to see if I could find out if bugs really do have an affinity for estrogen:

Do bugs...

It’s intriguing to me that so many people are curious about the possibility of bug flatulance.

Then I tried to find out if the 8-legged monsters of my nightmares have an affinity for estrogen and got this:

Do spiders...

And then I was on a roll, so started typing in random beginnings of sentences and found this gem:

Why would...

and this display of geographical incompetence:

Canada is...

Not to mention grammatical incompetence.  I mean, really, enough people queried the incorrect “Canada is apart of what country” to make it the number 2 hit?

And finally, because I couldn’t resist:

Ed Hardy is...

All the red arrows I can understand, but the green one?  You are very much outnumbered, green.  Also, bonus points for the existential “Ed Hardy is.”

And while I’m on screenshots, here’s one I took while watching the new Harry Potter trailer:

appropriate audiences

Uh oh, I watched it even though I think I’m an “inappropriate audience” (based on how many times I’ve been told that I’m being inappropriate).

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