Products I Don’t Understand – London Drugs Edition

Yesterday, on my way back from my orthodontist appointment, I stopped at London Drugs to buy a doohickey that allows me to hook up Chloe, my beloved MacBook Pro, to a projector. You know, seeing as I start teaching my course tomorrow and I’ll be needing to hook up Chloe to a projector and all1.  Of course, then I also bought a presentation remote, some chocolate and some batteries – all of which I totally needed. Especially the chocolate.

But more importantly, I took some photos for you!  Because London Drugs is full of teh awesome.  Like this, the awesomely named “Purse Hooker”:


On the same rack as the Purse Hooker were the “Wear Once Panties”:


Because nothing says “classy” like panties you throw out after one use. You can even keep them in your Purse Hooker.

Less excitingly named, but equally lame, was the EZ Cracker:


First, is it really so hard to crack and separate an egg that you need to buy a large and cumbersome device that does this task for you? How often, really, do you need to crack and separate eggs that would make this a worthwhile investment? And finally, is it just me, or does that picture not show a yolk AND egg white falling into that bowl together? How exactly is that *separated*?

Another product that has one very specific, and likely very infrequent, use is this brownie pan:


Let’s take a closer look at this functionality, shall we?


Seriously, a pan that you bake your brownies in so that you don’t have to cut them? Have we as a society become so lazy that picking up a knife to make seven slices is too laborious for us?

Next up, is the Diva Cup:


Now, I don’t have any problem with this product itself – it’s actually a pretty good idea. Instead of filling our landfills full of feminine hygiene products, you can use this reusable cup. Very green. What I find weird about this product, though, is the little flower pin that you can see near the bottom of the package. Let’s flip over the box to see an explanation of what that’s about:

lapel pin

A Diva lapel pin?? Do they seriously think people are going to wear a pin on their jacket to make sure everyone knows how they collect their menstrual flow? Seriously?2

Also amusing was this bottle of “Diva Wash,” which was on the shelf next to the Diva Cup:

diva wash

I can use it to wash my face AND my menstrual cup? Hooray!

And finally, to finish this lovely tour of products and packages of awesome, a product that I actually did buy:


These batteries can last up to 30% longer in toys? Sweet!

Wait, are they talking about the same kind of toys *I’m* talking about?

  1. last year, I borrowed a doohickey – which I do believe is the correct technical term – but I needed to actually buy one of my own []
  2. For the record, because I know you are all now dying to know how I deal with my menstrual flow and I have no pin on my lapel to give you this information, I can’t use a Diva Cup because it’s incompatible with having an IUD. Or at least so the package tells me. I’m so ungreen! []

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  • Having sat through 4 hours of AODA (Accessability for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) training, I can confidently say that the EZCracker would be an excellent tool for an elderly person with arthritis, or anyone with joint issues that limits their fine motor control. Squeezing that would be far easier than trying to crack and break apart an egg. (Why I would need to know that working in a library, where we actively discourage people from breaking eggs in the building, I don’t know.)

    Also, the Diva Wash cracks me up 🙂


  • I heart London Drugs. And all the random shit you can buy there. Paul and I bought yard glasses from London Drugs last year. Yes, we own 2 glasses that are a yard tall which can hold 8 cans of beer. They even come with a shitty wooden stand! We’d own more, but London Drugs only had 2 glasses left when we bought ours. And yes, the glasses are even more awesome than you can imagine. Though I think you’d end up in the hospital if you finished an entire yard in a sitting.


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  • I want to know how it is the batteries last 30% longer in toys… and only toys. Do they have magic sensors?

    Also, I don’t think I could handle washing my face with the same product I washed my menstrual flow collector–and I don’t even *have* menstrual flow!


  • A Diva lapel pin?? No freaking way! That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. LOL

    Also – I just got an IUD! Am totally loving the whole ‘I’m-being-responsible-without-actually-making-an-effort thing! 🙂


  • @Kalev – LOL and LOL!

    @Courtney – Aren’t they the best? And lucky you, since you just had a baby, you didn’t even have to go through the excruciating pain of having it inserted into a nonbaby-ified uterus! (Although I supposed you did have to go through the even more excruciating pain of the having of the baby!)


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  • I use a Diva cup – and let me tell you a) the lapel pin went straight in the garbage and b) the wash goes nowhere near my face, or indeed any skin other than that on my hands!

    I bear the proud distinction of being one of only four women that the gynecologist I saw has been unable to get an IUD into over her entire career. And excruciating? Worst 3 days of my life – I couldn’t get off the sofa, I was doubled up in pain the whole time.

    Thus ends Cath’s TMI comment.


  • That sounds horrible! I remember being in the doctor’s office and seeing someone else who’d just had their IUD put in and they were totally fine and I was like WTF?, given that I was weak and pale and doubled over in pain and asking for the strongest pain meds they could give me (and I very rarely take meds!).


  • Apparently you need to attend my lecture on universal design— ever watched a 4-year old or someone with arthritis try to crack an egg? I would like to test it to see if it does make egg cracking easier.

    In defense of the brownie pan.
    It is not just about cutting them, it is about making edges; the best part of the brownie is the edge. I have also wrecked a pan or two while trying to cut out my delicious treats. So technically this pan could be sustainable as the likelihood of me damaging it while cutting drops considerably. Dad bought one for Mom and with her hands the way they are it could be smart because it is hard for her to cut.

    A pin!!! I would pay money to see the market testing on that one. I may use this image for my class if that is okay with you.


  • @Nancy Oh yeah, feel free to use the image. It’s on Flickr, so you can download the big size. And yeah, apparently I am totally insensitive to the egg cracking needs of the elderly and small children. Didn’t even occur to me. Of course, that still does not explain why the photo of this egg separater shows that the egg yolk is not actually separated from the egg white…


  • The main image is the action of cracking the egg. The image in the red circle shows the yoke resting on the plastic-circle thingy while the white falls way (presumably into a bowl or pan.)


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