Hockey Double Header

Yesterday was a double hockey day!  First up was a game with the Blazing Blades, which was all well and good until the goalie popped her knee!  She made what was by all accounts a spectacular save1 and then fell to the ice screaming.  One of the players on the opposing team was a paramedic, so she helped out, along with some law enforcement types from my team and the first-aid trained ref, until the paramedics arrived with the stretcher and took her off to the hospital. I haven’t heard how she’s doing, but I’m really hoping it isn’t as bad as it seemed, ‘cuz it seemed pretty bad. 🙁

One of our players dressed in the extra set of goalie gear that the rink has on hand for just this type of occasion and she turned out to be quite the spectacular goalie, for being someone who is not a goalie. We only lost 3-0, and seeing as how the last time we played this team, we lost 12-0, I’d say we are improving. Next time, I hope we can even get a shot on net against them!

Game #2 went much better – not only did no one get taken off the ice on a stretcher, but I also managed to get two points!  My first was a classic Beth goal – I skated into The Doctor’s Office as my linemate2 took a shot, so I was right there to pick up the rebound and just shoveled it in.  15 seconds into the game, I might add!  Point number 2 was an assist wherein our defenceman3 made a pass that hit my skate blade and went directly to my linemate4 who took a beautiful shot right passed the goalie! w00t! And yes, it doesn’t matter that it went off my skate blade – it totally counts as an assist! w00t w00t!

And this is blog posting #1 of 30 for NaBloPoMo2010! w00t w00t woot!

  1. I didn’t see it as I wasn’t on the ice at the time []
  2. who also happens to be a work colleague []
  3. and a work colleague of mine []
  4. the aforementioned first work colleague []

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