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I wrote this on my iPhone on the subway many, many days ago and then haven’t published it because I’ve been having way too much fun for such things as publishing blog postings. But now it’s Boxing Day and we are all so full from three days of non-stop eating that we can’t do anything more than lay around watching a marathon of Jurassic Park movies, so I’m actually sitting still long enough to post it.  Did you miss me?

I’m on the subway1 heading out to see my friend Jen, hanging on tight to my toque2 and lamenting the lack of Internet access. I’ve gotten used to the Canada Line and its blessed, blessed cell phone receptivity. Usually on a transit trip, I’d pass the time catching up on blogs, or Twitter, or reading the news online. All of which I’m hopelessly behind on, since I’ve been spending all my time interacting with real live human beings in the real world! I’m not complaining – having a blast actually – but it definitely an adjustment from my usual life of sitting at a desk 7.5 hrs per day and being on computer or iPhone most of the rest of the time. Since I can’t read stuff on the Internet as I transit, I decided to write stuff to put on the Internet instead. In draft form – FSM bless the WordPress app.

Since I last blogged3 we had the annual Snow Christmas Bakestravagnza. I’ll blog in detail, with photos, about that later, but suffice it to say we baked 11 different things – several of them in double batches – in just 6 hours. It was thoroughly exhausting and an absolutely fabulous time.

Then we watched the season finale of Dexter. Because my sister and her bf always watch it with my mom and this was the first time my mom had been over since it aired.

The next day we went to my cousin Lori’s place for brunch. The last time I saw Lori, her oldest daughter, Imogen, was a wee tot and her youngest, Beatrice, was a newborn. Now Immy is in kindergarten and Baby Bea is not a baby at all! Lori lives in Milton, the town we grew up in, where I haven’t been since, to the best of my recollection, 2004.

After brunch we headed to Guelph for Christmas with Jeff’s family, where we were treated to much delicious food and more adorable children than should legally be allowed in one house.


And that was where I got to my subway destination. But I forgot to post this last night and now it’s the next day (Dec 20) and I’m on the subway yet again, this time on my way to meet Dr. Dan, who is coming to Toronto to hang with us Snows. So I figured I’d continue writing this post.

After I arrived at the Royal York station yesterday, I met up with Jen, a friend I went to high school with, and she took me to the Cheese Boutique, a place that now rivals the Deifenbunker for the place I’ll be talking about as the most amazing of places ever in the history of ever. The Cheese Boutique is a foodie’s paradise – all of the fanciest fancy pants foods you can imagine and some that you never would have thought of. Like a 5 ft long cannelloni – how would you even cook that?? We picked up some stuff for a party Jen is having on Wed4, and I grabbed some fancy jams for a present and despite my tiny purchase, they gave me an awesome C.B. bag. Seriously, between my sister’s place and the subway this morning, I got three comments from complete strangers about my bag – one person who just thought the bag was awesome and two others who commented one how the C.B. is the greatest place ever.

After the Boutique of Cheese, we headed to Dr. Generosity, where we met up with our friend Jody for dinner. And Jody gave me an awesome button that says “left wing pinkos” right off her jacket! The story behind the button, of which I was not aware until Jody and Jen enlightened me, was that at the inauguration of Toronto’s recently elected uber right wing mayor, Rob Ford, Don Cherry wore a pink jacket and said it was for all the “left wing pinkos” who hate Rob Ford. You know, “pinkos”‘ who want things like transit in their city and for human beings to be treated like human beings.


And that was where I got to my subway stop on that trip.  More to come, eventually.

  1. which I keep wanting to call the “Skytrain“ []
  2. as this is actually a replacement toque for the identical one I lost on a Toronto subway three yeas ago and how terrible would it be to lose this one in the same way []
  3. as far as I can remember about when I last blogged, given that I can’t check the Internets right now! [Note: given that I’m posting this waaay after I wrote it, this does not make much sense anymore] []
  4. which I don’t get to go to because I was already booked to go to the spa with my mom and sister []

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