Christmas Bakestravaganza 2010

So remember last year how I cyber-baked with my family over the intertubes? Not this year! This year I got to do my baking in person!

Baking, and especially Christmas baking, is one of my fondest memories from childhood. Every year at Christmas time, my Aunt Wendy would come over to our house and bake with my mom, my sister and me. Over the years, various other people joined us for baking good times and we always had a blast AND made delicious treats to give out to people! Baking simultaneously in Toronto and Vancouver while chatting via Google Video last year was fun, but nothing beats baking together with the fam.

This year, my sister’s friend Daniel joined us. Daniel was an early childhood educator at the daycare my niece went to and later was a babysitter for her. And he’s a tonne of fun, so he graduated to friend status and when he mentioned to Nancy that he was going to be doing his Christmas baking alone this year, she invited him to join us. Of course, this made for five bakers – my mom, Nancy, Madeline, me and Daniel – all in one kitchen. And we each had three different things we planned to bake! So Nancy, ever the creative problem solver, recruited the oven of the next door neighbours for the afternoon!

In the end, we made 11 different items over a span of only 6 hours1! Here’s the summary:

Daniel made:
  • lemon squares
  • rolled oat chocolate hay bales
  • thumbprint cookies

Beth made:

  • surprise cookies
  • shortbread cookies

My mom made:

  • rugala
  • chocolate-filled snowballs
  • white chocolate and macademia nut cookies

Nancy made:

  • black pepper cheese crisps
  • triple chocolate sandwich cookies
  • egg nog knots

And here are the photos!

Baking supplies Nancy and her cookies Day 183 My mom, Nancy & Daniel Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies Me and my niece! Madeline baking
  1. we started at about 2 pm and ended at 10 pm, but took a two hour break to hit The Friendly Greek for dinner. Because there was no way in hell any of us were going to be cooking any meals! []

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