Heading Home

So I’m on the ferry heading back to the mainland from my weekend in Nanaimo. The boat claims it has wifi, but I can’t appear to connect to it. Ferry FAIL. Another thing this ferry lacks: hotties. Double FAIL. At any rate, I’m writing this tiny posting on my iPhone in the WordPress app so as to not break my one day blogging streak. I make no guarantees of quality postings here, now do I?

Anyway, after any excellent day of teaching and not going for a run yesterday1, we had an excellent evening of eating Indian food, drinking beer/wine, and watching the Canucks beat the dastardly Calgary Flames. Today involved a breakfast of banana chocolate chip pancakes and then an afternoon at the spa. I need to get really rich so I can build a mineral pool grotto in my mansion. Seriously.

And now I’m on the ferry, heading home in time to grab my gear and head out for a 10:30 p.m. hockey game. I can hear your jealousy from here!

  1. I would totally link that to yesterday’s posting if this ferry had wifi. Stupid no wifi. []

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