Hockey Pool Wrap Up

Hey, remember how I went into a hockey pool and chose only hotties for my team and then didn’t mention it all season? Yeah, turns out that I didn’t do so well. But it’s not my fault – it’s Sidney Crosby’s fault!

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or you are Kalev1), Sidney Crosby – my first draft pick – was out for much of season with a concussion. And it’s awfully difficult for him to score points for me when he’s not playing! Of course, despite not playing since January, he was the #2 scorer on my team2, bested only by the delicious Jonathan Toews3.

In the end, I came in 7th out of the 9 people in the pool. And the hottest of the hotties – Scottie Upshall – was my second worst player.

The hotties are lucky that they have their striking good looks to fall back on!

  1. being that Kalev is a hockey hater []
  2. with his 66 points []
  3. with his 76 points []

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