Hockey Pool – All Hotties, All The Time

A little while ago, Darren announced on Twitter that he’d be running a hockey pool to which, naturally, I immediately responded “count me in!” As you know, I have a knack for in-depth analysis of hockey players and what better way to put said skills to use than to join a hockey pool, right?  The pool is a straight up points pool – you draft 12 players (and thus only one person in the pool can have each player) with draft order picked by random number draw, and you get a point for every point your players score, no minimum/maximum number of defenceman/forwards, and no goalies (you know, given that they typically don’t score points and all). My philosophy in hockey pools – as in life – is to pick the hot ones.  The draft was held on Saturday and I was lucky enough to draw draft position #2 and since Darren took the exceedingly unattractive Ovechkin first overall, I was able to get my #1 pick, the exceedingly adorable Sidney Crosby! After my round #2 pick of super hottie Jonathan Toews, a comment may have been made that “Beth likes ’em young” – a point which, of course, I did not argue. Now, given that this was a draft, there were quite a few hotties that I did not manage to snag for my team, like, for example, the delicious Zach Parise, my hometown hottie Alexandre Burrows, and the little cutie Pat Kane1. But I was able to successfully draft a team of a dozen fine looking young men:

  1. Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh)
  2. Sidney Crosby

  3. Jonathan Toews (Chicago)
  4. Jonathan Toews

  5. Mike Green (Washington)
  6. Mike Green

  7. Jason Pominville (Buffalo)
  8. Jason Pominville

  9. Mikko Koivu (Minnesota)
  10. Mikko Koivu

  11. Dustin Brown (LA)
  12. Dustin Brown

  13. Shea Weber (Nashville)
  14. Shea Weber

  15. Mike Knuble (Washington)
  16. Mike Knuble

  17. Ryan Clowe (San Jose)
  18. Ryan Clowe

  19. Devin Setoguchi (San Jose)
  20. Devin Setoguchi

  21. Scottie Upshall (Phoenix)
  22. Scottie Upshall

  23. Brenden Morrow (Dallas)

Brenden Morrow

So those are my boys for the season. Do me proud, my hotties, do me proud!

  1. without the playoff mullet, Pat is a hottie []

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  • The funny part is that you’ve got a totally competitive team, despite avoiding the uggoes (sp?).

    Also, Scottie Upshall is ridiculously handsome.


  • I like how your pic of Mikko Koivu looks like you were stalking him in his front yard or something. Ha!


  • @Darren – Scottie Upshall *is* ridiculously handsome. Shame he goes by the name “Scottie” though – what, is he seven?

    @Courtney – Maybe I was stalking Mikko Koivu. Man, I *wish* I’d been close enough to Mikko to talk that photo!


  • I’ll take that Scottie guy. I’m sure I could put him to MUCH better use than *blech* hockey. He might injure his pretty face.


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  • You got totally diff hotties than I.
    Nicklas Backstrom, Brad Richards, Luongo (I DON’T think he’s hot but my pool teammate thinks he’s dreamy), Martin Havlat, Loui Eriksson, Tomas Plekanec, Patrick Sharp, Ray Whitney, Ryan Malone, Jason Arnott, Valtteri Filppula (another pick by the teammate)
    Yes, I am in this hockey pool as a duo. Our hubbies both are in this hockey pool and last year we went in together, picking hotties, and were winning up until the last couple weeks. So why mess with success?
    We had Weber and Green last year, and most of your picks were on our hot prospect list but got picked by someone else first.
    Good Luck!


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  • So far this season, my vote for hottest Canuck goes to Hamhuis (what can I say, I’m a sucker for curly hair), but only because Burrows is injured. Malhotra aint half bad either, except for the gold tooth look.

    Luongo looked halfway decent when he had short hair, but I don’t like him with long hair.


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