T-minus 3.25 hours ’til vacation time

Tonight, I hop on a 737 at 11 pm and will be whisked 4,000 km to the east, arriving in Ottawa at 8 am tomorrow. I originally planned to take this trip almost a year ago when my Granny’s side of the family announced plans to have a family reunion in Eastern Ontario. A few months later, my sister announced she would have a new baby by that time, so the trip became a family reunion/meet my new nephew trip. And, since I’m all about efficiency, why not throw a side-trip to Ottawa to visit Sarah & Dave, and a guest lecture in Dr. Dan’s course at U of Guelph in for good measure?

Thus, my schedule looks something like this:

  • June 14 – red-eye flight to Ottawa1.
  • June 15-17 – gallivanting in Ottawa
  • June 17 -19 – meeting up with the fam in Gananoque for the family reunion
  • June 20 – Toronto
  • June 21 – giving a guest lecture in Dr. Dan’s class at U of G2
  • June 22-24 – more Toronto3
  • June 24 – fly home.

Then, of course, since I’m insane, I’m running a half marathon on June 26 at 7 am.  Just writing this all out makes me so tired that I want to cry.

Other random thoughts:

  • I started packing on Saturday, a full three days before I would usually start packing4. I had to do this because I was out all day on Sunday, worked and then went out to watch the Canucks game last night, and am working5 today and then off for a massage and chiro appointment and then its pretty much off to the airport. The reason I don’t usually pack in advance is because once I have that suitcase open, I keep throwing more and more things in it – so this has given me 3 extra days to think “Oh yeah, but what if I want to wear *this* shirt? Oh, and I totally need *this* pair of shoes!” and now my suitcase weighs one billion pounds.
  • I realized last night that I had packed neither my bathing suit nor my PJs. Glad I realized this last night and not once I’d left!
  • My vacation officially starts at 4:15 pm, the end of my workday. By 4:45 pm, I’ll be on the massage table. I think this is a highly civilized way to start one’s vacation.
  • Also, can someone please remind me to use my vacation time next year to travel to somewhere awesome? I mean, I’m using my vacation this year for some awesome things – I do like seeing my Ontario peeps, my 10-day long hockey game is going to be epic!, and a road trip down the coast with my sister and her munchkins6 will rock – but I still haven’t been anywhere terribly exciting since my trip to the Dominican a year and a half ago! Eek! Can I declare now that 2012 will be the year of international travel?
  • How the hell is it June already? Where did the first half of the year go?
  • Here’s hoping I do a better job of blogging this trip to Ontario than I did my last trip to Ontario!
  1. I *so* love taking red-eye flights out east. I totally begrudge losing a day (with the combination of the flight time and the time zone difference) to travel and since I’m tiny enough and sleep-deprived enough, I can usually sleep through the whole flight, meaning that my time is no more lost than it is if I am asleep in my bed. Less comfortable, to be sure – but not wasted. []
  2. And, since I haven’t been back to U of G – my alma mater #2 of 3 – since I finished my M.Sc. in 2000, there will definitely be gallivanting, cavorting, and, undoubtedly, shenanigans around campus. []
  3. Including seeing Kalev on June 22 and celebrating my dad’s belated birthday on June 23 []
  4. Yes, I usually pack the day of, unless it’s a morning flight – then I pack the night before []
  5. Note: I’m actually writing this on Monday night after getting back from the game. I’m just scheduling it to post Tuesday afternoon. But I’m writing it in present tense so it *looks* like I’m writing it today. Because I’m cool like that. []
  6. Which is what I’m planning to use some of my vacay time in early August for []

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