Products That Didn’t Need To Be Invented

Chocolate Cheerios


Were people having trouble meeting their Recommended Daily Intake of chocolate, so we needed to put it in their otherwise healthy breakfast cereal?

Kraft Dinner1 crackers:


Why? Just, why?



When I tweeted this photo the other day, a few people pointed out the horrifying amount of unnecessary packaging for 4 pieces of fruit. And while I agree that the amount of plastic used here is ridiculous, what drew my attention to this product is that it’s an apple that’s been made to taste like grapes. Why the fuck would anyone make this product? If I wanted the taste of grapes, I would each grapes. It’s not like grapes are hard to come by. They are right next to the Grapples in the grocery store. I don’t want my apples to taste like grapes! I want my apples to taste like apples! I have never – and I’m willing to bet that no one has ever – bitten into an apple and thought, “It’s OK, but I sure wish it tasted like a grape.”

  1. For my American readers, “Kraft dinner” is what we can macaroni and cheese in Canada. Well, it’s what we call mac & cheese that’s made by Kraft. []

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