Day 5 – Medical Supplies Needed #lg4cf

Anyone out there happen to have a lot of extra medical supplies on their hands? Because we are in desperate need of them!

As it turns out, playing 8-12 hours of hockey per day is pretty hard on your body. And thus, we are going through medical supplies at an alarming rate! Our volunteers are approaching stores that we are hoping can provide us with stuff, but I figured it can’t hurt to blog it as well.

IMGP3271To give you a sense of what it’s like, here’s my medical regimen before each session:

  • squares of Second Skin on my one blister and my one place is that about to be a blister; covered with Tegaderm
  • squares of Second Skin on my lace bite; covered with moleskin
  • moleskin on the backs of my ankles (preventing blisters that I could feel forming) and on my arm where the strap of my chest protector is chaffing
  • one Advil, one Tylenol
  • Tiger Balm on my back
  • back taped up by the physiotherapist
It seems like every session I have to add a new thing to my regimen. It started with just the moleskin in the back of my ankles and has progressed to the point I’m at now. Should be interesting to see what it gets to by Day 10!
I’ve also been for physiotherapy, massage and do lots of stretching – both on and off the ice. And I have to apply lip balm at every single opportunity as my mouth is getting pretty ripped up from a combination of the cold, dry air in the rink and constantly popping my mouth guard in and out. And I’m in relatively good shape – many people have more (and worse) blisters, much worse lace bite and all sorts of other medical issues to deal with. There have actually been some very clever MacGyveresque  solutions to our medical issues – my favourite being the use of pieces of yoga mat and saran wrap to prevent the worsening of lace bite!


My three best friends

My three best friends: lip balm, Tiger Balm, and ibuprofen.


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