Congratulations Linda & Casey!

You may remember my friend Linda from such epicness as Team Cupcakepublishing in Science, and several 12 Bars of Christmas. Well, you can add one more epic event to the list, because yesterday at a theatre in Port Moody, Linda got hitched to Casey.

The ceremony was very awesome and very Linda & Casey. And I love when weddings have little touches added that reflect the personality of the people being married!  In this case, the officiant was an adorable older gentleman who cracked jokes the whole time1 and the bridesmaids came down the aisle to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” Everyone looked fantastic and so very, very happy!

Dinner was delicious, the table that I was at had to be the funnest table of people EVER, the bartenders were quite generous with the spiced rum that Kalev & I were drinking, and there was some good music for dancing. What more could you ask for in a wedding, right?

As per usual, my camera sucks so I didn’t get very many good photos, but here’s some of what I did get.

Linda’s brother-in-law Ryan was the MC. Or, as we started calling him, Elverine, as he is clearly the secret love child of Elvis and Wolverine:

M.C. Ryan (a.k.a. Elverine)

Kalev is officially the best date I’ve ever taken to a wedding:

Kalev & Beth

Kalev & I in the Photobooth:

Beth & Kalev at the Photobooth at Linda & Casey's Wedding

Amica and I could not get a decent photo of the two of us, no matter how many we took. And trust me, we took a lot:

Beth & Amica (why do we look terrible in every photo?)

Matt, me & Georgie:

Matt, Beth, & Georgie

Ken, me & Christine. Ken was a.k.a. as “Wall Street” due to his suspenders. He was also, I was told, the most asked about bachelor at the wedding:

Ken (a.k.a. Wall Street), Beth & Christine

Linda & Casey’s First Dance:

Linda & Casey's first dance

Linda & Casey's first dance

I wish I’d gotten better pictures of Linda’s dress, because it was absolutely gorgeous! I guess I’ll just have to steal some good ones off Facebook when people start putting them up there.

So, Happy Wedding, Linda & Casey! And many, many happy years together!


  1. And anyone who knows Linda & Casey will tell you that they are hilarious, so to me this was very fitting []

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