Conjoined Twin Potatoes

I totally meant to write a blog posting this weekend and now here it is, Sunday night at bedtime, and all the many blog posting ideas are still in my head instead of on the hallowed pages of the Internet. On the plus side, the weekend was very productive, as I got a tonne of homework done, I helped warm Kalev’s new home at his warming of the house party on Saturday night1, cleaned the frog tank, made some kickass Irish stew, and played hockey2. So instead of a real blog posting, I will give you (a) this list of things that I will hopefully blog about soon3:

  • delicious Irish stew recipe
  • half marathon inspirations4
  • my plans for my upcoming Montreal/Toronto trip
  • plans for my, Dan, & Rick’s November challenge
  • things that I’ve learned in school5

and (b) this photo of a conjoined twin potato that I bought at the grocery store – because it looked so awesome – and put in my Irish stew:

Irish Stew - conjoined twin potatoes

  1. Where by “warm”, I mean ate all his food, drank his booze, and brought some subpar brownies that totally did not turn out as I’d hoped they would. []
  2. We won 5-2, just FYI []
  3. Mostly just as a reminder to myself about what the heck I was planning to blog about so that when do get some time to blog, I won’t just sit there going, “I’m sure I had some ideas, but what were they?” []
  4. Since my blog posting that I actually did write about my recent half marathon was far too short. Also was reimnded that I intended to write about all the inspirations I thought of while running when I read this posting. []
  5. Planned for once I finish the core program in November. []

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