Bluetooth Headset, Take 5

I’m starting to think that the universe does not want me to have a bluetooth headset.

First, there was the bluetooth headset I bought that I proceeded to leave in the pocket of my skirt when I did laundry.  Second, there was a bluetooth head that I bought but returned because it sucked1.  Third, there was the one I got for free at BlogHer, which then disappeared from my purse the day I got it.  And fourth, there was the one that Raul gave to me that he got at the opening of a Future Shop where they invited a bunch of bloggers and gave them a bunch of swag.  Which I had for a while until it too, disappeared from my purse2.

Now that it’s illegal in BC to talk on a cell phone while driving without some sort of a hands-free, and since my speaker phone doesn’t work all that well when I’m in the car3, I decided it’s high time I got another one.  And I even had a Best Buy gift certificate from Christmastime.  So I bought this BlackBerry one:

Unfortunately, I’ve just discovered that it only comes with a car charger.  The instructions tell you how to charge it either with the car charger or a USB-charger… but it doesn’t come with a USB-charger.  So, you can only charge it in your car.  That seems rather stupid to me. I didn’t even think to look at that when I bought it – I mean, why would they ever sell a headset that you can only charge in a car.  I mean, what if you don’t have a car??

So it looks like I’ll have to trek back to Best Buy tomorrow to return it and get a different one. Take 6.

  1. which I didn’t even remember until I just Googled “bluetooth” on my blog to find the blog postings where I referred to the ones I do remember having []
  2. come to think of it, it may be just that my purse is *eating* them []
  3. I have a mount for the phone, but I think it results in the phone being too far from me, so the person I’m talking to can’t hear me very well and I can’t hear them either []

7 Replies to “Bluetooth Headset, Take 5”

  1. "returned because it sucked" links to your blog post about setting up an RRSP and a discussion of "cash vs. points".

  2. What's more suckage than all that, is that you'll have to try to return something at Best Buy.

    Can't you drive with the regular Apple headphone in? That should provide good quality and stay within the law, non?

    1. The regular Apple headphone stays within the law, but unfortunately, does not stay within my ears. They fall out at the slightest movement. I need an ear bud that has the loop thing that goes over your ear. This BlackBerry one has three different size ear bud thingys and one them seemed to stay in my ear. *sigh*

  3. why don't you order from tiger direct or NCIX… which is in your neck of the woods…. i have an excellent blue tooth from motorola which was less than 20$… bell sells the same one for 70$…. you need to talk to me more often…

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