Bluetooth Headset, Take 5

I’m starting to think that the universe does not want me to have a bluetooth headset.

First, there was the bluetooth headset I bought that I proceeded to leave in the pocket of my skirt when I did laundry.  Second, there was a bluetooth head that I bought but returned because it sucked1.  Third, there was the one I got for free at BlogHer, which then disappeared from my purse the day I got it.  And fourth, there was the one that Raul gave to me that he got at the opening of a Future Shop where they invited a bunch of bloggers and gave them a bunch of swag.  Which I had for a while until it too, disappeared from my purse2.

Now that it’s illegal in BC to talk on a cell phone while driving without some sort of a hands-free, and since my speaker phone doesn’t work all that well when I’m in the car3, I decided it’s high time I got another one.  And I even had a Best Buy gift certificate from Christmastime.  So I bought this BlackBerry one:

Unfortunately, I’ve just discovered that it only comes with a car charger.  The instructions tell you how to charge it either with the car charger or a USB-charger… but it doesn’t come with a USB-charger.  So, you can only charge it in your car.  That seems rather stupid to me. I didn’t even think to look at that when I bought it – I mean, why would they ever sell a headset that you can only charge in a car.  I mean, what if you don’t have a car??

So it looks like I’ll have to trek back to Best Buy tomorrow to return it and get a different one. Take 6.

  1. which I didn’t even remember until I just Googled “bluetooth” on my blog to find the blog postings where I referred to the ones I do remember having []
  2. come to think of it, it may be just that my purse is *eating* them []
  3. I have a mount for the phone, but I think it results in the phone being too far from me, so the person I’m talking to can’t hear me very well and I can’t hear them either []

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