Congratulations, Dr. Bedford!

Today, my friend Jen defended her PhD!  I didn’t get to attend the defence because The Man made me go to work all day, but I heard from people that were in attendance that Jen rocked it!  Not that there was any doubt that she would!


Here’s a poor quality photo I took of Jen on my iPhone at the Cactus Club, where we went for celebratory drinks tonight.

Congratulations, Dr. Jen!  I hope you are enjoying your new life as one of the club. You deserve it!

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  • I'm famous now! Thanks Beth! And thanks so much for your call the night before and for coming out last night. I know that you are worn out and crazy busy and it really truly meant a lot! You are such a good friend!
    Thanks again


    • Jen, I wouldn't have missed it for the world! And I'm glad the call the night before was helpful – I figured that it would be nice to hear from someone who knew what you were going through! I really wish I could have come to the defence too, but like the other Jen said last night, these employers keep making us go to work every single day!!

      Hope the paparazzi don't hound you too much now that you are famous!


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