I Figured Out A Way To Increase My Step Count

Remember how I was looking for ways to incorporate more walking into my day? I found a great way to do it in just 5 easy steps!

  1. Park in a big parking garage.
  2. Go to wherever it is you are going.
  3. Forget where you parked you car.
  4. Return to parking garage.
  5. Walk around helplessly looking for your car for 15-20 mins!

Side effects of this novel exercise plan may include raised blood pressure, embarrassment, and needing to ask the security guy if he has since a little black Smart car.

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  • On one hand, I’d think that your Smart Car would be just as rare in Vancouver as it is here, so it’d be easy to pick out in the crowd. On the other hand, giant SUVs are probably just as popular in Vancouver as they are here, so finding your little Smart nestled between them could be challenging if you forgot exactly where you parked. In either case my wife and I have done this before and that was with a Buick! How many steps did it add anyway?

    Also, this, http://www.buy.com/prod/north-star-health-am-190-mark-of-fitness-7-day-monitor-pedometer/q/loc/111/216469832.html is pretty close to what I was talking about in your last pedometer post for only $10!


  • Wait, where are you again? Smart Cars are pretty common here in Vancouver – in fact, just the other day I was parked in a block with THREE other Smarts!


  • Iowa, land of the 3 ton 4x4s. I don’t really mind pickups because a lot of them get worked, but the seemingly endless amount of monolithic SUVs hauling a single passenger just drives me nuts.


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