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  • I had such good intentions of doing my grocery shopping after my run tonight. But I had to run 12 km ‘cuz I wasn’t up for running it yesterday1 and I think 12 km is my least favourite distance of all the distances. I’m not a huge fan of 14 km either, but for some reason 16+ km doesn’t seem as bad2. But after my run I was really chilly, so I had a nice long hot shower and then I was just way too cozy and lazy to do anything but sit on my couch.  And watch the Big Brother online feed3
  • Seeing as I didn’t go for groceries, I had to make do with a dinner of “chicken” fingers and fries. From frozen. With nary a proper veg to be seen.  And melted chocolate chips for dessert.  Mmm, melted chocolate chips.
  • Also seeing as I didn’t go for groceries, I have no soymilk for my tea, which is currently steeping. I think I have some Coffeemate kicking around, which is better than nothing. I think.
  • Someone needs to come over for dinner so I’ll actually get off my butt and tidy up. And finish hanging my pictures and suchlike.  I know – I’ve been here for half a year and I still haven’t finished setting up!  If you come over for dinner, I promise I won’t make you oven fries and “chicken” fingers.
  • And speaking of making real food, I’ve found a few recipes I want to try: parmesan corn risotto cakes,;savoury bread pudding with mixed mushrooms, leeks and Gruyère cheese; and mango rice.  The first two are from the Rebar cookbook4 and the latter I actually need to find a recipe for (though I don’t think it should be too hard to find).
  • Oh yeah, and remember how I started doing the photo-a-day-for-365-days thing? I really should have started the having-a-life-thing first, as I’ve discovered that I don’t do much more than go to work and go running, which don’t make for very many photo ops, so I’m rapidly running out of ways to take my self-portrait (see here for the collection thus far). I’m taking suggestions if any one has any bright ideas for interesting self-portrait shots I can try.  Within reason, people. Within reason.
  1. for some strange reason, my knee hurt when I started my run yesterday, so I decided to give it a rest and do it today after work instead []
  2. it might be that my brain can pretend that 12 km “isn’t that far,” so I’m just not adequately mentally prepared for the long run, whereas even my crazy brain can’t fool itself into thinking 16 km is anything by loooooong []
  3. tonight I learned that one of the contestants – the gay university professor – has a blog with the best blog name ever: America’s Next Top Bottom! []
  4. so props to June, who gave that book to Tod. It’s the cookbook that keeps on giving! []

5 Replies to “This & That”

  1. I’ll come over for dinner… you sound like you are cooking up a storm lately.

    So after I told you about footnote tooltips, I notice they totally mangle special characters, like — and quotations. *sigh* Stupid WordPress or WordPress add-ons or whatever they are called.

  2. Dude – I am surprised that you haven’t begun to show off the shoe collection. Also – photos of you and your culinary masterpieces could work. Or of the set-up you’ve done around the place (to motivate you). I’m all about the multitasking.

  3. @Kalev – For sure you have to come over for dinner, but I don’t think it will help with my tidying problem as you already know what a slob I am, so it’s not really enough motivation to get me cleaning.

    @Sarah – You are brilliant! Multitasking FTW!

  4. I can threaten you with death if that will help. I’m told I can be quite intimidating.

    BTW, when is a good time to arrange this culinary jaunt to nether regions of the Lower Mainland?

  5. Um, how long are you in Vancouver for? I’m thinking of doing a hockey conditioning camp next week Mon-Fri nights) and possibly on vacation the week or two after that.

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