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So, How Many Shoes *Do* I Own?

So the correct answer to this week’s question of “How many pairs of shoes does Dr. Beth own?” is….


31. And 4 pairs of boots1.  Which makes Kalev, with his guess of 30, the winner and proud owner of 1000 shiny points.  Try not to spend all those points in one place, Kalev!

I’m actually surprised it isn’t more – I thought my shoe habit was more out of control than this. Granted, I do only have one pair of feet…

  1. well, I guess technically I have 5 pairs of boots if you count my ski boots []

13 Responses to So, How Many Shoes *Do* I Own?

  1. Holy crap!! did you count skates and ski boots?

  2. Beth says:

    Nope, that doesn’t count skates or ski boots.

  3. Kalev Hunt says:

    *mwahahahaha* I would have won even with Price Is Right rules!

    Thank you for giving me 1000 shiny points. I’m so glad they’re worth $10 each! 😛

  4. Beth says:

    Wow, you found someone who will give you $10 for the worthless points I give out! Who is this mystery benefactor?

  5. Kalev Hunt says:

    I believe her initials are MES. 😛

  6. Beth says:

    That’s so funny that this mysterious benefactor’s initials are the exact same as mine, given that I am most certainly 100% definitely not giving you any money. Small world.

  7. extragoode says:

    This is a stupid question, but what is your first name if it starts with M? The middle initial could be completely random since I certainly don’t know you that well, but Beth doesn’t start with M. Neither does Elizabeth or obviously, Bethany and you don’t look like a Marybeth. I know I’m two for two lately on completely missing the point of the post, but these are just little things I’m curious about and luckily for me, I’m not a cat.

  8. Kalev Hunt says:

    She goes by her middle name, which is Elizabeth. 😀

  9. extragoode says:

    BTW, I am very disappointed by your shoe habit! I was sure it was so much worst for all the press it was getting. My wife has more shoes than that and she thinks it’s NORMAL! She wouldn’t be able to count them for sure, though, because she wouldn’t be able to find all of them. Several of them are cheap flip flops though. You seem to have more of a designer taste.

  10. extragoode says:

    Aaaah, thank you Kalev, however that begs the question, what’s her first name?

  11. Beth says:

    @Extragoode – I guess it’s all relative. I’m extremely cheap frugal, so to have 30 of anything seems ridiculously excessive to me. Also, it’s funny that you think I don’t look like a Mary Beth.

  12. Kalev Hunt says:

    @Beth: ha ha ha… when that was said, I wanted to laugh! That’s what I’m calling you from now on!

    @extragoode: I thought I’d let Beth answer. It is her blog, after all. I just keep it running. 😛

  13. Beth says:

    You know, my parents actually chose my name, in part, because they liked “Mary Beth,” though they’ve never called me that. My grade nine French teacher called me that because there was another Beth and a Mary in the class, so she thought it would be “less confusing.” Of course, all the happened was when she called on “Mary Beth,” all three of us would answer.

    @Kalev- Thanks for keeping it running! Stupid WordPress never emails me comments anymore (even though it’s set to “email me all the comments,” so I don’t get to respond to them until I think, “Oh crap, I should check and see if there are any comments!”

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