One Of Those Days

So last night I thought it was a good idea to stay late at work to finish something up. “Class doesn’t start ’til 7 p.m., so I can stay at the office ’til 5 p.m. before I head out to UBC and still have plenty of time to grab some dinner on the way,” I thought. What I didn’t count on was that a semi-truck would fall over on the Nordel on-ramp to the Alex Fraser Bridge, meaning that traffic could only get by in the far left lane. Meaning that the 10 km trip from my office to the bridge, which usually takes about 10 mins, took an hour. Meaning that I didn’t get to class until right before it started. Meaning that I didn’t get any dinner! And just to add insult to injury, the vending machine in the building in which I teach was broken, so I couldn’t even get junk food for dinner! I also somehow managed to have two pens die on me during class, while I was furiously writing notes so that I could assign grades and give feedback to the students who were presenting1.

Thankfully, my students talked about pooh in their seminar (true story). Also, while trying to make the projector and sound system work, someone uttered the words, “Is it in the right hole?” and someone else replied, “That’s what he said!” And all was right with the world.

  1. mercifully, a student was able to lend me a spare pen! []

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